Fashion weeks, in reality, have to be trendy in entertainment industry. There have to be platforms for modification in design, mixing ingenuity with craft and establishing precedents that can then gradually run down for entertainment industry job. Sadly, the new trends were few and far between on the first day of Fashion Week. It could've been that the designers that have been participated were way too concentrated on creating market-friendly clothes, curbing creative allusions in favor of trying to satisfy a conventional audience. It could've been that the participated designers were unclear, exhibiting layered winter looks on a platform meant to Spring/Summer. There was surely a lack of editing on the Fashion week, allowing some unknowable designs onto the catwalk. There were some highs. For the initial season, the Bank Alfalah Rising Talent exhibition showed commitment. But neither models don’t guarantee a fashion week’s success nor can debutante capsules keep a fashion week going strong. Overall, the opening day of Fashion week only highlighted some very slight spurts of good design. It is baffling that designers don’t utilize the platform provided to them via fashion weeks to show memorable collections. Fees of participation in fashion week are considerably heavy and councils go to drastic measures to assure that the fashion week goes on regardless of safety risks. But despite the hard work that must have been made, what ruled at fashion week was typical, generic fashion that was, at best, market-friendly; at worst, weird. .


It was all regarding the sleeves this Fashion week! We noticed them come in every shape and size, with all kinds of embellishment you could think of. Sheer cold shoulders, especially detailed and layered bell sleeves, and long, oversized sleeves cinched in at the wrist. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to how to style these for entertainment industry!


For the unique girls that don’t like being limited by standard clothing, a-symmetrical hemlines are back in style to shake up the monotony. These hemlines change in length and provide any outfit a fun ending!


This fashion week is ideal for entertainment industry job, dress over your shoulder and catching someone's attention. The emphasis used to be on an elaborate heavily worked front, but the runway looks we saw had us mesmerized by the model on her way back up the stage, these full-backs will give you floored! 


Inviting all boss women to the front – it’s your chance to shine! Who says you can’t be feminine, powerful, assertive and stylish at the same time? Oversized blazers accomplish precisely those things in one fell swoop. They’re an excellent piece to throw on, and lucky for entertainment industry job/b, they come in handy for both formal wear and casual wear.


We were among the first to report how familiar peplums were last year, and we’re happy to say, they’re still popping! We have seen a lot on the runway in various styles. Big, layered peplums with belts to cinch in the waist, and more suited, slender cuts too. The sky is the limit when it comes to this traditional piece!

Fashion weeks, in reality, have to be trendy in entertainment industry