Wrap... and Keep Wrapping

The shawl is certainly nothing new for the fall season. Women have been winding scarves around their necks for years now. However, what is different about shawl is their size. The shawl is larger than other types of scarves that you may be used to. This does not mean that women aren't wearing them in the traditional sense. The only difference between shawl worn this way is you will be dealing with a lot more fabric. Wearing a shawl wrapped multiple times around your neck looks great with lean silhouettes, like shaped blazers, slim dresses, and fitted sweaters.

Infinity to the Max

By now you probably know that an infinity scarf is one that is circular and winds once or multiple times around the neck. You can buy infinity scarves or make your own by tying the ends of a basic rectangular scarf together. Shawl takes the concept to a whole new level. This fall takes a large scarf and wears as an infinity scarf to get this trendy look. This way of wearing a shawl is great for very cold days when you need to cover up your neck with multiple layers.

Wear a shawl as a Wrap

The shawl isn't just for wrapping around the neck. Several are big enough to use as a wrap or shawl. Visualize the looks as if you got your blanket off your bed and covered it around you, therefore the name. For early fall days or a cold snap, a shawl can add some warmth and style to any look. Let it drape and don't be afraid to wear a shawl over a jacket, blazer or coat, or on its own, like a light coat. The whole concept of wearing a shawl as a wrap or shawl is to add another layer of stylish warmth and protection from the elements.


The whole point of a shawl is to create a style that looks effortless as if you just grabbed a scarf and ran out the door. You don't need to fuss much with this trend to get it right. Let a shawl drape naturally and it will look great. Many ladies struggle with getting a scarf to look right; yet, this trend is all about it looking carefree..

Belt a shawl

If a shawl is just too much fabric for you, but you want to embrace this trend, try belting it. There are two ways you can belt a shawl. The first is to cover a belt around the entire shawl; either you can wrap the belt around your waist, under the back of the scarf and simply belt the front of the scarf to your body. Worn this way, a shawl looks like an easy coat or vest.

Shawls Can Work for Everyone

While shawls seem excessive in size at first, know that you can embrace this cozy trend without going overboard. Use a classic scarf or Pashmina to get these looks more minimally. You will still look on-trend while not being overwhelmed in fabric. "

There is a trend, with no marks of ending anytime soon; this is going to give you warm and fuzzy feelings: the shawl. If you have desired