The Best Warm And Breathable Fleece Jackets To Become A Model For Modeling Audition Day

Picking a fleece jacket means recognizing fashion and functionality. After 20 hours spent examining and testing a lot of choices, we think these are the stablest.Why should you purchase a fleece jacket? Fleece jackets are breathable, comfortable and warm, which makes them a mid-layer ideally suited for modeling opporunity to become a model when you need to adjust your outfit according to your level of modeling audition and the weather. Fleeces are also a stylish, everyday jacket option for people who live in colder climates.

Men's Caldey Fleece Jacket

To bring you the best fleece jackets to become a model when you might have been given modeling opportunity, we started by reading through dozens of reviews from modeling opportunity. Then we interviewed several outdoors experts to learn about the benefits of wearing a mid-layer, like a fleece jacket, during outdoor actions. Finally, we think these are the most popular fleece jackets for a modeling opportunity. Our two testers (a petite woman who is usually cold; and a tall man who runs warm).

Stylish Men's Fleece Jacket - Navy Blue

Why should I buy a fleece jacket?

You should buy a fleece jacket for two purposes: First, it’s a stylish option in order to become a model for modeling opportunity with jeans around town on colder days. And second, fleeces make good mid-layers for outdoor adventures.

Men's Stylish Fleece Jacket - Black


If you’re someone who runs cold, or if you plan to contribute significant time for modeling opportunity to become a model in very cold conditions, you need a fleece. “Fleeces are also good for people who want to add breathability,” he adds.


If you’re going for modeling opportunity in the fall or spring, you may want to ditch the down jacket and just wear your fleece because of its great breathability. The only downside to that breathability? Fleeces typically aren’t windproof: “If its a windy day, the wind will go right through the fleece,” that’s why you pack a rain or wind shell!”


What makes a fleece jacket “good”?

Fleeces are both a fashion item and a function item. They should be attractive but you should also look for a fleece that’s warm and breathable for outdoor adventures. “Most good fleeces are insulated, warm, comfortable and have a lot of stretches,” looking for a fleece that fits close to your body but will yet move well around you, and finding something that can be layered under or over without too much trouble.

Men Stylish Zipper Fleece Jacket

Typically, fleeces come in brushed and hard face models. Hard face models (like the Arc’teryx Kyanite) offer elevated performance, noting that hard face fleece jackets often look like more of a shell and offer wind protection. Brushed fleeces can get caught on the brush and are prone to pilling, but are typically cozier against the skin.